Saturday, March 8, 2008

Did you say you wanted that Delivered?

Today I was sitting at my desk on my laptop typing away, and Eve kept jumping from his play stand over to me in an effort to "share" his breakfast muffin. I kept tossing him back and paying him no attention. Well for those that do not know, vasa's do don't pump their heads like other birds do to regurgitate, it is more of a lunge, like if to bite and that is it. One lunge and food comes up, that's all no more work necessary. So he he keeps jumping over, and I keep tossing him back..... He finally stops and I think, "Finally! He has given up!." No sooner did this thought cross my mind did Eve deliver his morning muffing on the top of my desk from 5 friggin feet away! Muffin came hurling out of his crop and landed on my desk next to me, I honestly did not understand what happened at first. I still kinda can not believe it. Who knew that males vasa's were that determined to feed everything in sight! Yikes! Needless to say I'll be watching out for flying food from now on.