Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eve's a BAd But Smart Bird

Sooooooooo, I go to the store to do some shopping, I come home and walk into the living room and who do I see sitting soooo innocently on top of his play stand???? EVE Napping! Now I have NEVER forgot to put Eve away before I leave the house. Sure enough he has figured out how to escape through the food dish door! Not the big door on the front of the cage mind you, that would be obvious for the humans to pick up on. He almost got away with me thinking I had left him out. The Damage of one vasa parrot alone in the house for 4 hours.......One disassembled key board, a filing job gone bad, (stacks of paper either shredded, or on the floor) A few pens got sampled, not to mention poop on the desk. All in all not to bad! But it took me a half hour to find all the missing keys on the key board. Apparently they are more fun if carried through out the house a dropped haphazardly.All I have to sayis quick links to the rescue.....for now.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So Eve is not allowed on the floor at all, he know this and follows the rules to the point that if he drops something and wants to get it he looks to me to "ask" if he can retrieve the item. If I say yes he hops down gets the item and goes directly back to his stand. This has worked for the past 8 years. Well today I'm sitting here reading posts and I hear meow.....meow,.....meow....and the clicking of nails that are not that of my cats on hardwood floors. Eve was roaming around on the floor trying to trick me into thinking he was just one of the cats! Poser!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Did you say you wanted that Delivered?

Today I was sitting at my desk on my laptop typing away, and Eve kept jumping from his play stand over to me in an effort to "share" his breakfast muffin. I kept tossing him back and paying him no attention. Well for those that do not know, vasa's do don't pump their heads like other birds do to regurgitate, it is more of a lunge, like if to bite and that is it. One lunge and food comes up, that's all no more work necessary. So he he keeps jumping over, and I keep tossing him back..... He finally stops and I think, "Finally! He has given up!." No sooner did this thought cross my mind did Eve deliver his morning muffing on the top of my desk from 5 friggin feet away! Muffin came hurling out of his crop and landed on my desk next to me, I honestly did not understand what happened at first. I still kinda can not believe it. Who knew that males vasa's were that determined to feed everything in sight! Yikes! Needless to say I'll be watching out for flying food from now on.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Big Faker!!!

Eve is a big fat faker! Once again it is breeding season, and once again Eve is well...kinda crazy. This really is the only time of year that Eve talks or vocalizes. I never know what he is gonna do or say, or how he is gonna behave. But bedtime can be especially difficult this time of year. He flies back and forth in an attempt to escape the inevitably bed time. Well last night, I managed to wrangle him, and carry him to his cage. In order to this I had to hug him to keep him from flying off. So the little monster starts yelling...."Ouch! OOOOOOW, OW, OOOOW, Ouch! OWWWWWWWWW. So I instinctively put him down, (somehow forgetting that if he was really in pain he would not be saying Ouch as he is not human), and he proceeds to laugh at me! Little faker!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

T-Bone Yumminess...

So The other day I went shopping and splurged on some T bone steak. So tonight I was set to have my self a nice dinner, steak, rice, salad. Hmmmm. Did I really think that a yummy dripping with steak juice dinner was gonna get by Eve, my carnivorous parrot, who happens to have started breeding season and therefore looks for anything protein based? I put rice in his dish....stupid human...He kept flying by to look at my dinner, putting on his ever so sweet face, that says give me or your gonna regret it. So tonight Eve got the T Bone part of the steak! Just the center bone with about 1/4 inch of meat around it. I know the best friggin part of the porterhouse! Spoiled bird. I'm such a sucker to a bird in need. (hmmph) But I must say that Eve ate the meat and the entire bone and is now very happily digesting and for the first time today is quiet. I mean I had just changed to papper on the stand and after the dinner the paper was perfectly clean! Eve didn't let a drop went to waste. (not that I encourage red meat for birds mind you! Not even for vasa's really, cause the cholesterol, but what a treat.)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Angry Tired Vasa

I got this new online computer game, and so did my roommate, well to explains the set up a bit....the main computer is in the office which is where Eve's cage is. Mine laptop is in the living room. Now typically Eve is covered at night and the light stays off. So my roommate will use the computer without disturbing Eve's sleep. Well....we were both playing this game last night until 1am. Talking back and forth to each other. So poor Eve got no sleep! So he has decided to show his displeasure this morning by hunting our heads! He has spent the better part of this morning flying around and using his feet and beak to grab the top of our heads as he flies by! Ouch! I gave him breakfast, peaches, cereal, pine nuts and pasta...all of which he threw on the floor, with a sense of anger. He pooed on my roommates head and has been screaming all morning and refuses to step up, (he thinks I'll put him in time out for his behavior) Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the perch! Poor little tried vasa....Poor aching head.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Stuffed Duck Vs. The Vasa Parrot

My Gender confused Vasa Parrot named Eve, (she's a He) has this hatred for a stuffed duck that resides in my home. (The duck is one of those stuffed animals that when you squeeze it, it makes noise.) Now whether it is right or wrong I use this duck to keep Eve off of certain household objects. He's not scared of it, just hates it. Well my Hormonally charged parrot has decided that my shoulder is a nice place to show his love.... constantly! Can't get anything done. I was on the computer, parrot on my shoulder molesting me again, when I became fed up, and got the dreaded duck and put it next to me. Of course my Vasa backed off and went back to his cage. He stared at the duck for a good 15minutes, eyeing it and trying to decide what to do. He decided that he could best the duck in a fight and the match started. Eve flew into the air, swooped down and grabbed the duck, which caused the duck to make its duck noise, which got my parrot even more riled up. They both landed on the floor where my Vasa proceeded to beat the crap out of the duck. Mean while the Vasa and the duck are rolling around the floor, the duck making its noise the vasa trying to kill the duck and me trying to read something on line. When he was satisfied that he put the duck in its place I picked up the duck and put him back on his shelf and my vasa no longer felt the need to molest my shoulder. I guess besting this stuffed duck in a fight was what his little ego needed!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Poe Disaplines Eve!

So Here I am in my living room... Poe has been here on an extended visit on the account of his owner moving and awaiting the installation of new windows and for construction to be done. Poe is a blue front amazon who is also Eve's best friend. All in all Poe has been here for about a month. Well Eve likes to get into trouble when bored. So he will fly around and land where he is not supposed to in an effort to get some extra attention by being yelled at so to speak. Well Eve just landed where he's not supposed to, on this pet gate to keep the cats out of one of the room in the house. And what did Poe do? Yelled at Eve! Poe yells..."Go Back!" My flight command that tells Eve to go back to his play gym. And Eve did! (Hehe) He also than proceeds to tell Eve....."Good Bird!" Like I do when I ask Eve to step up for me. Needless to say Eve later started pushing Poe off the play gym for her arrogance.

In The Beginning......

I first met Eve in a pet shop. I walked over to this strange looking parrot and wondered what kind of bird he was. At this point I had been involved with parrots for many years, but have never come across this kind before. I asked the workers what kind of parrot he was. I was dumbfounded as to the answer I received…“All we know is that it is some rare kind of parrot, but we don’t know what”
How is that possible????? So home I went. I delved into my books and on line and discovered that they unknowingly had a vasa parrot. I started visiting Eve on a regular basis. I first noticed that Eve was very playful yet very aggressive. Looking into his food dish I saw seed and one or two nuts, and a few pellets. But the dish was dumped on the floor of the cage. I asked about this and was told that he dumps his food every day and that they are sick of refilling it. I than noticed that Eve would stick his feet through the bars in order to fetch the nuts and pellets. But there weren’t many of these items. I began to wonder if diet played a role in his aggression. So I started bringing him in some treats. Things like nuts, and hard boiled egg. He ate them like he was starving! After about three days of me coming in this shop and basically feeding their bird I noticed that Eve was no longer aggressive. I asked to take Eve out of the cage. They said I could but at my own risk, since Eve has left scars on them. I started taking Eve out every day and researching vasa’s by night. Eve didn’t know how to step up, and was very scared but at the same time very interested in his surroundings and new found freedom outside of the cage. Throughout my research it became apparent that a pet shop is no place for a vasa, and that most people probably wouldn’t have done their homework on this bird if they decided to buy him. So home Eve came. I honesty wasn’t looking for another bird. I had my painted conure Crayon and that was enough. But there was no way I was going to let this poor bird suffer at the hands of this shop or someone who was not well versed in parrots. Eve was a year old at the time, it is now 6 years later. I love him to pieces, and have learned much about him and his kind.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Wanna hot dog? Don't think so!

My bird has outsmarted me. The little devil! His alternate ego, (the one I call Evil-enna instead of Eve), has stuck gain! I was about to sit down and enjoy my lunch. A hot dog and sauerkraut, something I have very rarely. Now Eve usually shares my lunch with me, but since hot dogs are not on his menu, he was given some pomegranates, and pineapple. Well I guess that wasn't good enough, because he decided to fly up to the china cabinet and refused to move. So I of course had to get up, walk to the other side of the house and fetch my unruly vasa. What did he do… He waited until I got close to him and took off in the direction of the hot dog! He knew he could reach the forbidden food item before I could get to him. The little devil made off with half the hot dog spilling sauerkraut onto the floor.