Saturday, January 26, 2008

Poe Disaplines Eve!

So Here I am in my living room... Poe has been here on an extended visit on the account of his owner moving and awaiting the installation of new windows and for construction to be done. Poe is a blue front amazon who is also Eve's best friend. All in all Poe has been here for about a month. Well Eve likes to get into trouble when bored. So he will fly around and land where he is not supposed to in an effort to get some extra attention by being yelled at so to speak. Well Eve just landed where he's not supposed to, on this pet gate to keep the cats out of one of the room in the house. And what did Poe do? Yelled at Eve! Poe yells..."Go Back!" My flight command that tells Eve to go back to his play gym. And Eve did! (Hehe) He also than proceeds to tell Eve....."Good Bird!" Like I do when I ask Eve to step up for me. Needless to say Eve later started pushing Poe off the play gym for her arrogance.

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