Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Angry Tired Vasa

I got this new online computer game, and so did my roommate, well to explains the set up a bit....the main computer is in the office which is where Eve's cage is. Mine laptop is in the living room. Now typically Eve is covered at night and the light stays off. So my roommate will use the computer without disturbing Eve's sleep. Well....we were both playing this game last night until 1am. Talking back and forth to each other. So poor Eve got no sleep! So he has decided to show his displeasure this morning by hunting our heads! He has spent the better part of this morning flying around and using his feet and beak to grab the top of our heads as he flies by! Ouch! I gave him breakfast, peaches, cereal, pine nuts and pasta...all of which he threw on the floor, with a sense of anger. He pooed on my roommates head and has been screaming all morning and refuses to step up, (he thinks I'll put him in time out for his behavior) Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the perch! Poor little tried vasa....Poor aching head.

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