Wednesday, February 13, 2008

T-Bone Yumminess...

So The other day I went shopping and splurged on some T bone steak. So tonight I was set to have my self a nice dinner, steak, rice, salad. Hmmmm. Did I really think that a yummy dripping with steak juice dinner was gonna get by Eve, my carnivorous parrot, who happens to have started breeding season and therefore looks for anything protein based? I put rice in his dish....stupid human...He kept flying by to look at my dinner, putting on his ever so sweet face, that says give me or your gonna regret it. So tonight Eve got the T Bone part of the steak! Just the center bone with about 1/4 inch of meat around it. I know the best friggin part of the porterhouse! Spoiled bird. I'm such a sucker to a bird in need. (hmmph) But I must say that Eve ate the meat and the entire bone and is now very happily digesting and for the first time today is quiet. I mean I had just changed to papper on the stand and after the dinner the paper was perfectly clean! Eve didn't let a drop went to waste. (not that I encourage red meat for birds mind you! Not even for vasa's really, cause the cholesterol, but what a treat.)

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