Thursday, February 28, 2008

Big Faker!!!

Eve is a big fat faker! Once again it is breeding season, and once again Eve is well...kinda crazy. This really is the only time of year that Eve talks or vocalizes. I never know what he is gonna do or say, or how he is gonna behave. But bedtime can be especially difficult this time of year. He flies back and forth in an attempt to escape the inevitably bed time. Well last night, I managed to wrangle him, and carry him to his cage. In order to this I had to hug him to keep him from flying off. So the little monster starts yelling...."Ouch! OOOOOOW, OW, OOOOW, Ouch! OWWWWWWWWW. So I instinctively put him down, (somehow forgetting that if he was really in pain he would not be saying Ouch as he is not human), and he proceeds to laugh at me! Little faker!


Anonymous said...

Kim, I really enjoyed reading about Vasa Parrots on Eve's website. I have never seen a Vasa before, but I have done some research on them, but the info and facts that you have provided have shown me how truly unique and different these parrots are! Must take a lot of energy to be a "parront" to a Vasa! They make my Amazons seem like stuffed animals! The pictures of the Vasa's with their beak and cere color changes are great!

It is unfortunate that the pet store that Eve came from didn't know a thing about Vasas. That is a shame.

How did such a unique parrot get into the pet trade? Are they hardy in Northern United States climates if some were escape here? Would they be banned in some states like Quakers? Vasas seem like they would adapt well and they seem to now how to get the foods that they want and need.

Thanks for sharing that link. I liked reading it!


Kimba's Corner said...

Hi mellow! Thanks for visiting. There is actually a vasa living wild in Cal. It lives with a flock of crows and has adapted fine. Sad for the owners but at least the bird is health and alive. God only knows how Eve ended up in a pet store! But it seems to be happening more and more. Keely on the site was adopted out from a pet store, and there has been another female living in a NJ shop looking for a rehome as well. So sad!