Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Stuffed Duck Vs. The Vasa Parrot

My Gender confused Vasa Parrot named Eve, (she's a He) has this hatred for a stuffed duck that resides in my home. (The duck is one of those stuffed animals that when you squeeze it, it makes noise.) Now whether it is right or wrong I use this duck to keep Eve off of certain household objects. He's not scared of it, just hates it. Well my Hormonally charged parrot has decided that my shoulder is a nice place to show his love.... constantly! Can't get anything done. I was on the computer, parrot on my shoulder molesting me again, when I became fed up, and got the dreaded duck and put it next to me. Of course my Vasa backed off and went back to his cage. He stared at the duck for a good 15minutes, eyeing it and trying to decide what to do. He decided that he could best the duck in a fight and the match started. Eve flew into the air, swooped down and grabbed the duck, which caused the duck to make its duck noise, which got my parrot even more riled up. They both landed on the floor where my Vasa proceeded to beat the crap out of the duck. Mean while the Vasa and the duck are rolling around the floor, the duck making its noise the vasa trying to kill the duck and me trying to read something on line. When he was satisfied that he put the duck in its place I picked up the duck and put him back on his shelf and my vasa no longer felt the need to molest my shoulder. I guess besting this stuffed duck in a fight was what his little ego needed!


Mary said...

What a funny story! I also have a couple of gender-confused parrots: My Max (timneh african grey) is female and Calypso (black headed caique) is a male. We kept the names as we figured that they didn't know any better :)

Einstein said...

Absolutely Hilarious! I would haveloved to seen that!

Cherie said...

Eve, and all the other Vasas, seem to have such personalities! All are real characters and make their wants clearly known :-)