Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eve's a BAd But Smart Bird

Sooooooooo, I go to the store to do some shopping, I come home and walk into the living room and who do I see sitting soooo innocently on top of his play stand???? EVE Napping! Now I have NEVER forgot to put Eve away before I leave the house. Sure enough he has figured out how to escape through the food dish door! Not the big door on the front of the cage mind you, that would be obvious for the humans to pick up on. He almost got away with me thinking I had left him out. The Damage of one vasa parrot alone in the house for 4 hours.......One disassembled key board, a filing job gone bad, (stacks of paper either shredded, or on the floor) A few pens got sampled, not to mention poop on the desk. All in all not to bad! But it took me a half hour to find all the missing keys on the key board. Apparently they are more fun if carried through out the house a dropped haphazardly.All I have to sayis quick links to the rescue.....for now.

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Kathryn Ann said...

I love your stories about Eve. Working on a film on Madagascar right now for Animal Planet. It airs on Sunday night, May 1, 2011 -- you will love that there is a sequence on Vasa Parrot chick rearing (parent behavior) in the film. The original was made by BBC and it is beautiful. Hope you can watch!!! kathy